Get ready to Rock n’ Roll, Limassol!
On June 26, the legendary British rock band "Smokie" is coming to town, bringing their electrifying performance to Cyprus!
With a career spanning six decades, Smokie has achieved incredible success, releasing 26 albums, over 30 singles, and selling more than 30 million records worldwide. Their impressive collection includes numerous gold and platinum albums. Considered icons of rock, Smokie has created timeless classics that have captured the hearts of listeners for generations.

Get ready to sing along to unforgettable hits such as "Don't Play Your Rock'N'Roll To Me", "I Can't Stay Here Tonight", "If You Think You Know How To Love Me", "Needless and Pins", "For a Few Dollars More", "Mexican Girl", and many more. Get your dancing shoes on for their mega-hit, "Living Next Door To Alice", which will have the dance floor rocking all night long!

The current lineup of Smokie features talented musicians Steve Pinnell on drums, Mick McConnell on guitar, Pete Lincoln taking the lead on vocals, and Martin Bullard on keyboards, with Luke Bullard bringing the bass guitar to life. Despite facing challenges throughout their journey, the band's passion for live music has never waned. Their relentless concert tours across continents prove that the spirit of Smokie's music is truly immortal.
Don't miss this opportunity to witness the energy and allure of Smokie in an unforgettable night of pure rock 'n' roll in an evening that will leave you craving for more!

june 26
Limassol, Cyprus